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    I certify that the information contained herein is correct.
    Ladies Online Mall is entitled to 10% of all products sold as resale.
    An additional fee will be included on product got from producers which will also include the delivery fee.
    I understand that misrepresentation may be cause for reasons to terminate all business transaction with party.
    If any of the vendor information on this form changes the vendor must complete a new form and to update vendor information.
    By signing this form vendor agrees to the rules and guidelines of ladies online mall.
    Vendors are encouraged not to send or upload Product that they don't have.
    That all products sent to ladies online mall are not stolen and are available for sales.
    Pictures taken are in real time and are not subject to copyright.
    Vendors are encouraged to create content not copy content from the Internet
    Vendors are to immediately inform us when products are sold outside the site so we can take it off.
    I understand that vendors job is to give the service delivery agents their products and they are expected not to go into further discussion.
    A flat rate Delivery fee of 1500 will be charged on all products for Delivery.
    I understand that vendors are encouraged to have their own label and branding for delivery, as we encourage smooth and excellent packaging of products.
    Terms and condition are subject to change in subsequent time.